Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The price of electricity is expected to rise by Rs4.99 per unit

The Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has petitioned the NEPRA for a Rs4.99 per unit rise in electricity prices.

On March 31, NEPRA will consider the CPPA’s case, which might result in a Rs4.99 increase in electricity prices.

The petition adds that in February, coal generated 31.70 percent of electricity, furnace oil 6.71 percent, domestic gas 11.36 percent, LNG 15.16 percent, and nuclear fuel 12.53 percent.

This month’s gasoline cost was set at Rs4.25 per unit. On March 10, NEPRA agreed to hike the price of electricity by 5.94 paisa per unit over fuel adjustment, costing consumers Rs58 billion.

Along with inflation, devaluation, and rising fuel prices, the federal government has been criticised for rapidly increasing electricity tariffs.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had previously stated that the government would not raise electricity rates until the next annual budget.

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