Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Dissident MPs could be forgiven if they rejoined the ruling PTI: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan said dissident MPs might be forgiven if they returned to the ruling PTI’s fold, or face a “social boycott.”

“Return to the party’s fold or face social boycott,” he told opposing PTI members on Sunday in Dargai, a small town in Malaknad district, KPK.

PM Imran also praised India’s “independent foreign policy” that benefited its own people. He claimed that, like India, which, despite US sanctions, imports energy from Russia, his foreign policy would benefit Pakistanis.

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I haven’t bowed before anyone and won’t let my country either.

“They broke protocol by making the request,” he added, referring to the European Union envoy who sought Pakistan’s cooperation against Russia in the Russia-Ukraine dispute. He stated that agreeing with the EU’s request would have harmed Pakistan.

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“We lost 80,000 people and $100 billion in America’s war against Afghanistan”, he remarked, asking Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif what Pakistan benefited from the war on terror.

“Polished boots when he spotted a white man in a suit,” the PM said.

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After reading the Kalma, PM Imran declared that he would not bend before anybody but God, saying that his foreign policy will benefit his people.

He claimed the opposition were “hypocrites” who “worship money” and would never stand up for their country. The country will never progress if it remained a “slave” to the world’s superpowers, according to the premier.

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For 3.5 years, the PTI administration has solely strived to assist Pakistan thrive, said PM Imran, claiming no other government had done as much.

Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed recently expelled PTI legislators had “sold” themselves, and Pakistan knew it. “People won’t believe you, they know everything”. He invited them back into the party, claiming he would forgive them.

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“Their offspring will be unable to find wives and will be mocked at school,” the premier claimed.

The days of “Changa Manga” politics were gone, he added, adding that accepting the money harmed your children’s future.

Imran said the people knew the faces of the opposition’s “three stooges” who had been plundering for years and were facing NAB corruption charges.

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“The nation’s eyes have been opened.” PTI MNAs who had quit the party were urged to return by Imran. “I am like a father forgiving,” he remarked, inviting them back for their children’s sake.

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