Saturday, January 28, 2023

Opposition urges the NA speaker Qaiser not to support PM Imran

Speaker Asad Qaiser was advised by Opposition Leader Shahbaz Sharif not to join Prime Minister Imran Khan’s party.

“Don’t let democracy derail, else neither history nor the people of Pakistan will forgive you,” Shahbaz told a joint press conference with PDM chairman Maulana Fazlur Rehman and PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari.

“Whatever happened at the Sindh House was not a trivial matter,” Shahbaz stated of the attack.

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He said the attack on Sindh House was an attack on Pakistan, not only Sindh, and that the Opposition had to swallow a bitter pill and accept a lot to preserve democracy in the country.

According to Shahbaz, Imran Khan used to stand atop a container and boast about killing the opposition, but he now realises that the no-confidence motion against him will succeed.

Asserting that the Opposition took a bribe, the PM’s friends testified that they did not.

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He added that all PTI members should have the liberty to vote according to their consciences.

“It was not a trivial thing,” Shahbaz stated, referring to yesterday’s violent demonstration inside the Sindh House by PTI members, including two MNAs.

On Thursday, PTI MNA Raja Riaz said that 24 governing party MNAs had “sought asylum” in the Sindh House, fearing the wrath of the government over the no-trust motion.

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“Rioters invaded the Sindh House,” he claimed.

The PML-N president said the attack on Sindh House was an attack on Pakistan as well as on Sindh’s integrity, adding that to protect Pakistan’s democracy, the Opposition had to swallow a bitter pill and suffer many things.

Like Shahbaz, Akhtar Mengal said the attack on the Sindh House was regrettable, and that it was astonishing that such attacks could occur in a high-security area like the Red Zone of the federal capital.

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According to Mengal, “when our children protest peacefully in Islamabad, they [the government] accuse them of terrorism.”

He thought the attack on the Sindh House deserved Section 144. An activity may be banned for a specified amount of time under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

“Instead, the assailants were freed. I predict Imran Khan will be hit-wicket dismissed rather than clean-bowled “stated he.

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