Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Sindh House Attack: PM Imran says our people are emotional

“Our people grew emotional” after the PTI activists attacked the Sindh House in Islamabad on Saturday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said.

“If a member of your constituency crosses the floor after collecting money, peaceful protest is your right but avoid a clash,” PM Imran stated at the Rawalpindi Ring Road project’s groundbreaking ceremony.

The public would push the PTI lawmakers to rejoin their party, he claimed. “Times have changed […] and everyone will witness a historic gathering on March 27,” he continued.

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PM Imran Khan urged the people must end wrongdoings, a day after PTI workers invaded the dissident MPs’ residence, Sindh House.

People could clearly see that money was being “openly” used to influence party loyalty, PM Imran Khan told the ceremony’s attendees.

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“…a market for legislators’ consciences has emerged. And the people’s money is bringing the consciousness, “the PM said.

This “purchasing” must be done through cash granted to the Sindh government — “the people’s money can’t be used to bring in other party lawmakers,” he stressed.

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