Thursday, February 2, 2023

Bilawal Bhutto warns of interrupting OIC conference if NA session not summoned on Monday

Chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has warned the Speaker of the National Parliament to call the assembly on Monday. Otherwise, the opposition will stop the OIC conference.

Imran Khan has lost the trust of the majority of members and his government is effectively dissolved, he told a press conference in Islamabad on Saturday.

The PPP chairman said Imran used filthy language first, then used force, attacking the parliament lodges, and yesterday threatening the federation by invading the Sindh House.

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Imran Khan is scheming against democracy and creating a constitutional crisis, adding that the PM wants the third force to interfere.

Bilawal added Imran should act like a sportsman and not start ball tempering at the conclusion of the inning.

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We’ll see how they can hold the OIC conference if the session isn’t called or if the vote of no confidence isn’t taken after the prayers and Fateha for the deceased members.

“We will wait there until the law, rules, and constitution are obeyed.”

He told journalists that Imran has been vanquished and that the bureaucracy is no longer bound by his orders. The president should also ignore Imran Khan’s advice. The whole legal community has filed a petition with the Supreme Court.

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He thanked the Supreme Court for noticing the attack on Sindh House. The opposition wants a peaceful OIC session, but the PM has wrecked the environment. No issue if the Speaker initiates the no-confidence motion after the Fateha, Chairman Bilawal remarked.

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