Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Nothing could possibly disrupt the OIC conference: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid

The Interior Minister of Pakistan, Sheikh Rashid, issued a warning to the combined opposition on Saturday, saying that nothing would be allowed to disrupt the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit.

During an exclusive interview with Dunya News, the Interior Minister stated that the opposition should refrain from speaking out and should instead prepare for a defeat in the no-confidence vote.

While expressing complete confidence in the security measures, he stated that nothing would be able to disrupt the conference, adding that the government and the military forces are responsible for the conference’s overall security.

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He also stated that the opposition intends to stir up controversy as a result of their setback. He went on to condemn the leadership of the opposition and stated that Bilawal Bhutto is a sufferer of mental degeneration.

They will be defeated in the motion of no confidence. Sheikh Rashid urged participants to be prepared to lose rather than disrupt the OIC conference.

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