Tuesday, October 4, 2022

PM Imran Khan claims most dissidents will soon rejoin the fold

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Saturday that majority of the PTI dissidents in Sindh House will return shortly.

On Saturday, he suggested vast sums of money were used to buy people’s loyalty.

“Illegal pelf is being sold in order to purchase people’s conscience.” “The Sindh House police force has been summoned to keep an eye out for illegal activities,” he continued.

To see this kind of politics, which has always pulled the country behind in terms of progress and wealth.

Imran Khan went on to explain that the public needed to understand what was going on in the country and the politics of ill-gotten wealth.

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He claimed they had robbed the nation’s wealth and exported it. No one felt ashamed of them.

A democratic system, he added, did not allow for corrupt members.

Aiming to conserve arable land, he ordered the relevant authorities to develop master plans for all megacities as soon as possible.

Ministers have been required to develop master plans for all megacities as soon as possible.

Our cities are stressed due to rapid population growth, he continued, and their green cover is dwindling. He added all new initiatives are designed to safeguard green spaces and be environmentally friendly.

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The Prime Minister said the CBD and Ravi City projects will not only boost economic activity but also help manage unplanned sprawl in the Punjab capital.

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