Monday, October 3, 2022

Maya Ali you did very over acting on my show, Ahsan Khan

According to Ahsan Khan, actress Maya Ali appeared on his show ‘Time Out with Ahsan Khan‘ and did very over acting. Recently, actresses Ayesha Omar and Anoushey Ashraf appeared on his show. They have discussed their careers.

In the latest episode, Ahsan Khan stated to Anoushey Ashraf regarding actress Maya Ali, “I want to warn Maya Ali that witnessing such an over acting beast. I will not leave you in Maya”. However, he made these comments jokingly.

Ahsan Khan and Anoushey Ashraf could not stop laughing as they talked about Maya Ali’s impressions. Moreover, the actress Ayesha Omar could not stop smiling as she talked about her colleague.

Furthermore, it should mention that Maya Ali appeared on “Time Out with Ahsan Khan” with actor Bilal Ashraf last year. They were the part of the cast of the television show.

Whereas, in one section, they both actors had to trap a rabbit as punishment for failing to respond to a question during the live broadcast. On the other hand, Maya Ali was very afraid by the bunny. So, her video of the encounter went viral on social media platforms.

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