Monday, October 3, 2022

PPP has announced a vote of no confidence in the KPK government

President Najmuddin Khan of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa declared on Saturday that the opposition would challenge the PTI government in K-P.

Najmuddin, the PPP’s new provincial president, claimed the province’s opposition parties — JUI-F, ANP, and PPP — were united against the PTI government.

According to the PPP leader, the PTI had 45 MPs in communication with opposition parties, including the PPP.

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The decision to file a no-confidence resolution against the K-P government came weeks after the combined opposition filed one against Prime Minister Imran Khan. “Mismanagement of the economy and weak governance” were the charges levelled against PM Imran Khan on March 8.

After submitting the no-confidence motion in the NA Secretariat, the opposition has been courting PTI allies, while the government has been courting its allies.

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The administration also announced a “million man march” at D-Chowk to scare MPs who had switched sides ahead of a no-trust vote expected in late March.

However, the opposition has vowed to counter the PTI rally with its own power display. Both sides’ aggressiveness caused the PML-Q, a government ally, to call off rallies.

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As political tensions rose, PTI supporters invaded Sindh House in Islamabad, home of dozens of PTI ‘turncoats’. The opposition condemned the attack and threatened to charge PTI supporters with terrorism. PTI officials, including PM Imran, have said Sindh House has become a “hub” for horse-trading.

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