Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Imran Khan behind the attack on the Sindh House: Shahbaz

Shehbaz Sharif, the president of the Pakistan Muslim League-N and the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, condemned the attack on the Sindh House in Islamabad and called on the government to stop acts of lawlessness.

PTI’s attack on the Sindh House and its own members of parliament (MNAs) was an admittance by Prime Minister Imran Khan that he had been defeated, Shehbaz Sharif said in a statement. Shehbaz Sharif added that Imran Khan would be held accountable if any political leader or worker was injured or property was damaged as a result of the attack.

“Imran Niazi” was behind the attacks on MNAs, according to him, and his goal was to plunge the country into civil war. He claimed that the collision between the masses in order to save the sinking politicians was a bad, criminal, and unconstitutional way of looking at the situation.

“Imran Niazi has activated the container mindset of assaulting the parliament and other public properties, including the PTV building,” the PML-N president declared. Throwing stones and destroying gates, rather than engaging with the assembly in a constitutional and democratic manner, he claimed, was a fascist way of thinking and a manifestation of failure.

Meanwhile, Sherry Rehman, the head of the Pakistan Peoples Party, stated that the Tehreek-I-Insaf (movement for justice) should be renamed to the Tehreek-I-Inteshar (movement for anarchy).

“They are trying everything they can to violate the rule of law and the constitution in order to rescue their government, which has lost its mandate as well as its members of parliament.” “Neither coercion of members nor threats against the federation will be beneficial,” she stated.

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In her statement, Sherry stated that using unconstitutional measures to delay the vote of no-confidence motion would only make matters worse for them and Pakistan. “However, they appear to have little concern for the country as they drag it through a crisis that they created.” The more time they spend on it, the more members they will be able to lose. Denialism will not save them in this situation.

“Yesterday’s attack on the Sindh House was an attack on the federation as well. Ministers have threatened to commit suicide bombings, and MNAs have been released without an arrest warrant being issued. It is clear that their ship is sinking, but they hope to destroy Pakistan as well by inciting an extra-constitutional crisis.”

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