Wednesday, February 1, 2023

PTI ministers ask Jahangir Tareen group not to take extreme actions

Jahangir Khan Tareen group has decided to postpone a meeting with government officials, the latter has requested that they refrain from adopting “immediate and severe steps” in response to the decision.

JKT leader Mr. Aun Chaudhry added that Defense Minister Pervez Khattak had contacted him late last night and told him not to make any decisions right immediately because the government would soon deliver an update to the dissatisfied leaders regarding the latest developments.

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Following rumours that the JKT group had decided not to meet with government officials, Khattak has urged Chaudhry, according to reliable sources, that he should refrain from taking dramatic measures in the wake of the reports.

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The Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting (Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry) is also referred to as the Tareen gang’s Chaudhry, according to further sources.

Imran Ismail, the governor of Sindh, attempted to contact Jahangir Tareen on Friday after the Tareen group’s leaders indicated that they would not meet with members of the ruling party.

The disgruntled members of the PTI, on the other hand, were said to be holding conversations with the leaders of the opposition, according to sources.

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