Saturday, January 28, 2023

I shall make a film with Shahrukh Khan in my sleep, says Farah Khan

Filmmaker and choreographer Farah Khan has known for making comedies and action films with Shahrukh Khan. Their successful flicks were ‘Mein Hoon Na’ and ‘Om Shanti Om.’

A recent interview with her suggested that she may return to the director’s chair in the near future. The host questioned Farah Khan about working with Shahrukh Khan. She replied that I can produce a movie in my sleep. I’m ready to go when the moment will be perfect. Moreover, I believe his ‘Pathan’ is going to be a huge box office success.

If you have not already noticed, Shahrukh Khan has declared that his upcoming film “Pathan” will be a big smash in theatres. Actor John Abraham and actress Deepika Padukone appear in the film as supporting cast members.

It’s up to Farah Khan when she does her next movie. When you truly desire to produce anything, it will come to pass. For a variety of circumstances, my collaboration with Rohit Shetty on a film project fell through.

She stated that she had no problem with her picture not garnering critical praise. She will like to receive public acclaim for it instead. Money should arrive and no one should lose any money. Attending a play or musical should include financial compensation.

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