Friday, February 3, 2023

ECC has approved a Rs5 decrease in electricity rates

Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) agreed an incentive package for March 2022 to June 2022, in keeping with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s proposal of a Rs5 per unit reduction in electricity costs.

The ECC has approved the summary’s ideas, according to a NEPA notification.

This includes “XWDISCOs and K-Electric commercial users with sanctioned loads less than 5 kW and household non-TOU consumers with monthly consumption up to 700 units (excluding lifeline consumers).”

The committee accepted the PM’s relief package of “a decrease of Rs5 per unit in consumer bill for qualified consumers for a relief period of four months.”

A extra allocation of Rs106 billion was also granted by the ECC for the Power Division to implement the PM’s relief package.

The notification also stated that the Finance Division and AGPR will release the subsidy in four equal instalments of Rs26.5 billion each at the start of each month.

The first instalment will be distributed immediately, according to the notification. The rest will be released at the start of each month (April, May and June). Afterwards, the modification will be submitted. The committee is also authorised to alert the PM’s package depending on the above considerations.

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