Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Heart-driven decisions boost altruistic behaviour

A recent study led by Manja Gartner discovered that making decisions with the heart rather than the brain results in higher altruistic behaviour.

When making decisions, we frequently use a mix of the brain and the heart, which provides us with both logical and affective elements, respectively.

Nevertheless, the emotional components of decisions, according to the researchers, are directly linked to prosocial behaviour.

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The research team employed a sample that was representative of the general population. It took a long time to complete because there were a total of 1,828 participants. Evaluations were conducted on the decisions taken by the participants, as well as their feelings about those decisions. When asked if their decisions were made intuitively or deliberatively, all of the participants responded affirmatively to the question.

In addition, the researchers discovered that decisions made intuitively rather than intellectually had a more favourable impact on the result of the experiment.

The outcomes of the study revealed a great deal about the nature of human judgement and laid the framework for future research into altruistic motivation.

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