Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Law Ministry rejects the 5-year disqualification ordinance

The Federal Ministry of Law and Justice declined on Friday to enact a rule disqualifying dissident members for five years, sources said.

“Members of Parliament cannot be disqualified through an ordinance,” according to insiders, adding that “the disqualification may only be carried out through a parliamentary act.”

As per Election Act 231 (A), “dissident members should be ruled ineligible for five years.”

According to the information presented, “according to Article 63 (1) (p), the legal disqualification of a member may only be carried out through a legislative act,” which is a parliamentary act.

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A government member also suggested that the law ministry issue an ordinance that would be later rescinded. But the law minister said no.

Aside from that, the law minister said imposing governor’s authority in Sindh “would backfire.”

Attorney-General Khalid stated no draught was provided to the law ministry, and only the ordinance 63 (A) reference was considered.

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