Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Actress Jessica Chastain revealed that she may skip Oscars red carpet

Jessica Chastain appears to have made her mind up about Oscars. It has announced earlier this week that actress will boycott the 94th Academy Awards red carpet in solidarity of her Oscar-nominated makeup team.

Chastain won’t be able to answer questions from the media on the red carpet. After the Academy announced changes to this year’s broadcast, she made a statement. According to reports, the Oscars will begin an hour early to present eight award categories.

In Jessica’s words, “the most essential thing for me is to respect the brilliant artists that work in our business”. Chastain elaborated on this statement, “We are like the face of a movie because we are the ones you see when you go to the theatre. It’s hard for many people to grasp how far a performance may go beyond the abilities of an actor.”

According to sources, Chastain has transformed into the well known televangelist by the team. She spent a lot of time in the makeup chair getting complex prosthetics and wigs applied throughout production.

Jessica Chastain received a Oscars Best Actress nomination for her performance with Andrew Garfield. The 94th Academy Awards will broadcast live on March 28.

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