Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger shared special message to the Russian people

A special message from Arnold Schwarzenegger has delivered to the Russian people during the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. More than ten million Russians have seen Arnold’s message in only one day.

Arnold Schwarzenegger talked in special message about his meeting with a Russian weightlifter. He also shared his thoughts on how the Russian people became his inspiration.

He said, “It is necessary for Russia and Ukraine to preserve some degree of autonomy in support of the US Alliance. Just before 12 o’clock, a suicide bomber detonated his device in front of a US military installation. It is alarming that such acts should handle, no matter where in the globe they occur.”

A letter from Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Russian people have kept hidden from them by their government. It explains the current state of the Russia and Ukraine war.

Several individuals have thought to have murdered in the raid on the Mariupol Theater by the Russian army. Whereas, five people including three children have slain in Charniyev.

The president of Ukraine has urged Congress for assistance following the battle. He is comparing the situation in his nation to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.

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