Tuesday, October 4, 2022

PTI workers entered Sindh House by breaking gate

Sindh House has been infiltrated by a group of PTI workers who broke down the main gate while staging a demonstration outside the building’s entrance.

The PTI workers gathered outside the Sindh House building for several hours to demonstrate their opposition to the dissident MPs who have taken refuge at the Sindh House.

The Islamabad police asked the PTI protestors to vacate the main gate of the building and go to the other side of the building; however, they refused to leave the main gate and remained on the other side.

According to sources, over a dozen PTI staffers have been arrested, and some members of Parliament have reportedly surrendered to authorities. The arrested MNAs and PTI employees were transported to the Secretariat police station for questioning and detention.

A large number of law enforcement agencies were dispatched to the scene to assist.

When the PTI workers arrived at the main gate to demonstrate, they suddenly rushed the building and forced their way in by breaking the main door while chanting slogans against the opposition and turncoats.

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The PTI workers who had broken inside Sindh House were apprehended by Islamabad police, who then detained them. Besides the PTI demonstrators, the police detained two members of the National Assembly (MNAs) who had joined them in their demonstration.

Because of the prompt action of the Islamabad police, who were able to clear the Sindh House premises of protestors, the law and order situation has been brought under control throughout the city.

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