Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Sunny Leone said to her crazy fan to find a wife for him

A crazy fan of Bollywood actress Sunny Leone got a tattoo of her name on his arm, which stunned the actress. Whereas, she told her fan to find a wife for him.

According to sources, a crazy fan came to visit Sunny Leone on the occasion of a probable filming location. The fan has a tattoo of the actress’ name and two hearts on his arm and he wanted to meet her. Sunny and audience members praised his love and stated that it is amazing.

Moreover, in an Instagram post, Sunny Leone uploaded a video of a fan with the comment. She said, “Hope you will always adore me like this since now you have no other option. Sunny Leone is a popular actress who has worked in several films. The actress also made light of the situation by joking with the fan and expressing her best wishes for finding a wife.

On this intriguing post by the Bollywood actress, social media fans have also left some interesting remarks. Someone said that he is over heels in love with Sunny Leone. So, no woman will want to marry him because of his feelings for the actress.

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