Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Romance video of Hareem Shah with her husband went viral on social media

Hareem Shah is currently making headlines for a romance video she made with her spouse on a Turkish metro system. Pakistani TikTok star has already gained notoriety for her outspokenness and rhetoric with political leaders.

TikToker Hareem Shah has shared a romance video on her Instagram account. She was riding in the metro in Turkey with her husband ans lies on her husband’s lap in front of everyone. She did not even care of the other passengers. They produce videos while humming in the background.

The release of this video of Hareem Shah drew criticism from social media users. They asserted that there are houses for romance with husbands. The pair should avoid being in such public areas since people may not be aware that they have already married.

Moreover, it’s possible that the lad in front of them feels ashamed as well. He attempted to busy himself on his mobile phone but it appears that his attention has also focused on the pair in front of him.

Furthermore, Hareem Shah shared a second video in which she has isolated for a day in a hotel in Qatar.

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