Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Slapping Women in dramas for ratings must be stopped, says Samina Peerzada

A senior actress and television personality Samina Peerzada has spoken out against the increasing brutality and slapping women in Pakistani dramas.

Recently, a video clip from a private television programme was making the rounds on social media. The husband raised his hand against the wife in front of the mother and his mother made no response.

While social media users were critical of the play, they were also critical of the performers that appeared in it. Samina Peerzada took to Twitter to express her opposition to the slapping women depicted in television dramas.

She said, “the responsibility for depicting violence against women in dramas lies not only with the performers. It also with everyone engaged in the production of the drama itself. The conclusion of the show that it is not the violence. It is the content of the show that is increasing the rating.”

Furthermore, she went on to say that violence against women should eliminate from television programmes. She also urged that people should speak out against violence.

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