Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Filmmakers ignored me by saying ugly in the beginning, says Vidya Balan

According to actress Vidya Balan, the filmmakers first ignored her from 13 projects and deemed her unattractive. It made her frightened to look in the mirror and preventing her from seeing her face for six months.

Actress Vidya Balan has a number of critically acclaimed films and presently occupies a significant position in Bollywood. Although she had to overcome numerous obstacles in the beginning but after a long battle she demonstrated her worth.

Vidya Balan said in an interview that she avoided looking in the mirror for six months as a result of the filmmakers ignored her because of her appearance. It led to her fear and she couldn’t face looking in the mirror.

She further said, “In recent days, I have received calls from producers who had earlier pulled me from their projects but I joyfully declined. I have dropped from 13 big films. A producer’s disrespectful treatment of her forced her to left the project.”

Moreover, Vidya Balan signed up for two Balachander projects while she was getting dropped from others. A few days later, she learned that she had cut from these films without warning.

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