Saturday, January 28, 2023

Reactions to government action against Sindh House will be harsh: Saeed Ghani

PPP chairman and provincial communications minister Saeed Ghani slammed the government, accusing Prime Minister Imran Khan and his federal ministers of threatening dissident PTI Assembly members in Islamabad’s Sindh House. Yes, if the government attacks Sindh House, the backlash will be fierce.

He told the reporters in Karachi that while the members of the Sindh Assembly appear to be under duress, they are all present voluntarily.

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MNAs from PTI, PML-N, and PPP are at Sindh House, according to Saeed Ghani.

After fresh political developments, Imran Khan will now explain why he fired me, no MNA has joined any party, according to the provincial information minister.

He said it was a disgrace Imran Khan was spying on deviant and opposition PTI Assembly members, tapping their phones and snooping was a violation of the Constitution.

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