Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Sherry Rehman says a missile launch by India may have caused several crises

During the committee’s meeting, Chairwoman Sherry Rehman expressed worry over an Indian missile launch towards Pakistan.

In the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs session held at Parliament House, Rehman examined the Indian projectile crash in Pakistani territory and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Moscow travel follow-up.

Rehman requested an in-camera briefing from the Air Defence Command and the Strategic Plans Division during the meeting.

“The Indian missile mishap was a very alarming indicator of several crises,” the Senator stated.

She warned an escalation of hostilities between two nuclear-armed countries must be avoided at all costs.

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No other place on the earth has two nuclear-armed superpowers who have fought four wars so close to one another.

She stated Pakistan and the world community cannot ignore the severity of this so-called “error” due to our volatile history.

It is vital to remember that this ‘technical fault’ occurred 500km from Islamabad in Mian Channu.

Even if we accept the poor explanation that it was a missile that went off course, why didn’t it self-destruct?

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