Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Dr Shahbaz Gill has been slammed on social media for releasing a pro-PTI video

Dr Shahbaz Gill, the PM’s Special Assistant on Political Communication, has come under fire on social media for tweeting a pro-PTI video to defend Prime Minister Imran Khan’s popularity.

The minister recently uploaded a video of a Pakistani woman defending Prime Minister Imran Khan, stating he is Pakistanis’ only hope.

“This is the nation’s daughter. That’s freedom of mind. I hope our great minds could view this and think “Gill narrated the film.

According to her, there is neither poverty or hunger in Pakistan, and villagers believe PM Imran Khan is the sole honest leader, whereas all past rulers were “thieves.”

It was eventually discovered that the woman in Shahbaz’s video was a “social media hired actor” who constantly defended the PTI-led government to the same “reporter.”

People on social media criticised Shahbaz for releasing stuff merely to defend the government and prove PM Imran Khan and PTI’s popularity.

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