Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Sania Mirza revealed some annoying habits of her husband Shoaib Malik

Tennis star Sania Mirza recently revealed some annoying habits and terrible behaviour of her husband Shoaib Malik. She has appeared in an exclusive interview on private television. Whereas, they both Shoaib and Sania have asked a variety of topics that they answered.

During an interview, Sania revealed the annoying habits of Shoaib Malik which include that Shoaib too snores at night. However, Shoaib Malik explained that he only snores when he has exhausted.

There was no need for Sania Mirza to take money from Shoaib’s pocket, she maintained.

According to Sania Mirza, she do not like Shoaib Malik’s patience. Wasn’t the host’s point that it’s a terrible habit to be patient? Asked to do anything, she answered, “he say he will do it”.

On the othe hand, Shoaib Malik began arguing that completing the assignment on time was impossible. I am always trying to do any work with patience and effectively.

Previously, Sania Mirza gave an unexpected message on the occasion of his 40th birthday earlier this year. An unusual greeting Sania Mirza’s husband’s birthday was “Happy birthday to you from us. Keep up your age and provide complexion to everyone, including me.”

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