Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Vidya Balan surprised her fans with interesting answers about physical appearance

The most famous face of Bollywood Vidya Balan provided unique responses about her physical appearance. Her admirers have very interested on social media regarding her age and weight.

According to reports, Vidya Balan started a question and answer session on the Instagram story. She wrote, “Ask or tell me something”, on which the fans piled up questions. However, when the actress answered the questions, the fans booed her and walked away. When queried about her physical appearance and beauty, Vidya Balan responded in a way that was both unusual and beautiful.

When she has asked how old you are, she responded with a funny picture of the Google search engine. The actress also uploaded a meme in response to being asked about her weight. While one admirer said, “Why are you so beautiful? The actress responded with a chuckle, “The reason for my attractiveness is that my parents have worked very hard.”

It should mention that Vidya Balan’s new film Jalsa will release in theatres on March 18th this year. It has expected to be a smash. Specifically, the actress stated that the role of my upcoming new picture was a challenge for me.

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