Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Kim Kardashian wants to keep her relationship with Pete Davidson forever

Ellen DeGeneres interviewed Kim Kardashian about her new relationship with Pete Davidson for the first time. Kardashian could not contain her blushing as she discussed making their Instagram relationship official by posting a photo of the two together. In her 40s, Kim talked of being content and going for it.

As the new “it” couple relationship in town, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson don’t hold back. It has recently revealed that Pete has a number of “cute” tattoos relating to Kim, including one on his chest.

Ellen noticed a shift in Kim’s demeanour. The SKIMS founder added, “I chose to go out and find my happiness. I am shedding insight on how new romance has influenced me. I decided to go for it.”

She further said, “What the f**k, I’m a 40 years old woman. I’m going to do it. Find what makes you happy. I have finally found bliss. I took my time and went for it. It’s a wonderful feeling, this discovery I’ve made. That’s something I want to keep forever.”

In October of last year, the couple has photographed together during the Halloween weekend. It sparked relationship their rumours. As Jasmine and Aladdin, the two had previously done a skit where the two kissed.

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