Wednesday, February 1, 2023

PML-Q leader Pervaiz Elahi says he has neither left nor joined the opposition

According to PML-Q leader Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, the party has not left the government nor joined the opposition in the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The PML-Q leader’s remarks came as banners in Lahore called for Elahi’s appointment as Punjab’s chief minister. These banners matched Elahi’s interview where he indicated Prime Minister Imran Khan was in trouble.

“Allies are against Imran Khan,” Elahi said. “The government is illiterate.” With his membership in NAB, the PM seeks vengeance. “Government is impossible.”

“We are coalition partners and a political party,” Elahi remarked today. There may be conflicts of opinion within a political party, but decisions are made by consensus. He claimed PM Imran was a good leader with good intentions.

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“We have neither left nor joined the opposition. The government has always stood behind us,” he added. From the start, the PML-Q spoke out on issues of public concern. He recommended the government to engage allies before making a decision.

Earlier on Tuesday, Elahi warned Imran Khan, claiming the prime minister was “100%” in jeopardy due to the no-confidence motion.

In an interview with a private television channel, the PML-Q leader criticised the prime minister, saying he desired vengeance, which was not the way to rule.

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The opposition claimed it had more votes than the number required to pass the no-confidence motion. “The opposition has more people. And ‘surprises’ are yet to come,” he said.

Returning to the government, Elahi stated the ruling class had a surprising amount of useless people. Prime Minister Imran was “too late” now, he claimed, because the ruling coalition’s fractures had grown.

PM Imran had also offered the PML-Q to unite with the PTI, he said. Because Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid still liked Prime Minister Imran, he had forgotten the Chaudhry brothers’ friendship.

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