Wednesday, October 5, 2022

I didn’t know about my pregnancy for first two months, says Bharti Singh

Leading Indian comedian Bharti Singh has said that she was initially ignorant about her pregnancy. She didn’t know for two and a half months that a tiny guest was due to visit her.

She is a co-host of Indian reality series Skills and Danger with her husband Harsh Lambachia. Bharti Singh added that my pregnancy was short of a surprise for Harsh and me.

“At first, I didn’t know for two and a half months as fat people don’t know. I had to be careful when I got pregnant but I did everything as normal,” Bharti Singh said in an interview.

“I was so busy in filming. I danced on the set of the show Dance Maniac. I didn’t even realise I was pregnant. However, one day, I felt the urge to test. When I did, I discovered that our little visitor was coming since we hadn’t planned. So, we decided at the time that there was no right moment for the time being but then we made up our minds,” the comic explained.

It’s worth noting that Bharti and Harsh announced on social media at the end of last year that they were expecting a baby.

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