Friday, February 3, 2023

Falak Shabir revealed about the marriage of Sarah Khan sister Noor Zafar Khan

Falak Shabir, the singer and spouse of well-known actress Sarah Khan opened up about marriage of actress Noor Zafar Khan. Actress Noor is Sarah Khan’s younger sister.

A singer and songwriter Falak Shabir had a question and answer session on Instagram Story. He has addressed a variety of questions from his followers.

Falak has questioned about his wife Sarah Khan and daughter Alyana Falak.Fans also asked him about marriage of his sister-in-law Noor Zafar Khan. Whereas, he replied that the boy with whom Noor will marry is from London. However, the ceremony will take place in the mountains of Pakistan.

Is this something Falak Shabir stated in jest or is it something he truly believes? His response has left some social media users perplexed. On this post by the singer, the fans are also speculating that the mountains have not intended for Islamabad.

It should mention that Sara Khan’s sister Noor Zafar Khan is also an actress. She has demonstrated the fundamentals of her acting skills in a number of television dramas.

Moreover, Noor Zafar Khan had previously wrote Shaadi Mubarak and inquired who will be the next to marry? Falak Shabir had made a remark about this and stated, “It’s your turn now”.

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