Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Actress Kubra Khan unhappy over woman’s only outward beauty praising in songs

Pakistani actress Kubra Khan is unhappy on praising woman’s outward beauty only in all songs. She said that it’s hypocritical that only a woman’s external attractiveness has mentioned in every song.

She weighed in on the topic via her official Twitter.

According to actress, all of our finest songs are about women’s homicidal eyes, their bodies and their scents. There should be more discussion on the inner beauty of women. It includes such as their kindness, their good-naturedness, and their amazing character.

Kubra Khan tweeted and justified her stance on songs saying i am unhappy but don’t get me wrong. I am also a fan of these songs like everyone else. However, I also a victim of thinking about the inner beauty of a woman.

She continues that I’m sure that many of you like myself will enjoy having someone express this. Dude is gorgeous but no man or heart can be flawless.

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