Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Problems increase for actress Sana Javed after misbehaving with models

Several Pakistani models and make-up artists have accused actress Sana Javed of misbehaving. A popular Pakistani company has also declared its departure from her and her problems are increasing.

Sana Javed rose to prominence in the Pakistani television dramas ‘Khani’ and ‘Pyare Afzal’. She has recently come in for some harsh criticism on social media. The misbehaving of Sana Javed with makeup artists, actors and models have surfaced.

A complaint against her has registered in the FIA Cyber Crime while Sana Javed also decides to seek legal action against all of these persons.

A well-known Pakistani company has decided to break away from Sana Javed in light of all the turmoil. The company has released a statement saying that it has no longer affiliated with the actress. Sana Javed, the face of the brand’s Eid advertising campaign has removed off the company’s website.

A picture session for models Eid advertising campaign included conversations with the actress and other staff members. As a result of this occurrence, Sana Javed and the brand have parted ways for good.

A different celebrity has used to reshoot the Eid advertisement out of consideration for the general population. Brands spend millions of money on these shoots and the fashion industry has encouraged to look out for them.

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