Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick will screen at world’s high-profile Film Festival

Paramount and Skydance’s high-profile sequel of Top Gun: Maverick featuring one of Hollywood’s greatest actor Tom Cruise will show at Cannes film festival. This year’s festival runs from May 17 through May 28. The film has set to release on May 27 in United States.

To commemorate Memorial Day, Cannes has historically served as an ideal forum. With the festival, Hollywood studios are able to connect with international media. It benefits from the presence of high-profile personalities on the famed red carpet.

For the first time a Tom Cruise film Top Gun: Maverick will screen at the festival. When it comes to promoting himself, Cruise is one of Hollywood’s most tireless boosters. For the actor to premiere his new picture in Cannes, it would be a logical choice.

On the other hand, Cannes will not host the international premiere of Top Gun: Maverick. It has long intended to take place in San Diego, where the original picture has filmed.

The sequel to Top Gun had a long and winding route to release. It has postponed several times owing to competing demands on the movie theatre industry. The first trailer for Maverick has premiered in 2019 by Cruise. He surprised the audience in person.

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