Tuesday, October 4, 2022

I love Bilawal Bhutto and want him to be the next PM: Hareem Shah

Famous Pakistani Tiktoker Hareem Shah recently took to her Instagram to support PPP’s chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. She shared her views on trolls on Bilawal’s latest slip of tongue during addressing the Long March participants in Islamabad.

“Trembling legs” became an internet craze when Bilawal made grammatical errors in his comments. Celebrities as well as internet users have observed parodying Bilawal’s words.

Hareem Shah has responded to the critics of Bilawal Bhutto by posting a video message on social media. She said that anybody may make errors if we let them to. As Muslims, we had studied Surah Hujrat, we surely felt a pang of guilt for mocking someone.

In addition, in her opinion we mock Bilawal since he was educated outside Pakistan but his Urdu is the most distinctive. We should be glad for Bilawal that a young and gorgeous man is coming forth who will be the future Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Moreover, TikTok star remarked that the politicians who criticised Bilawal should ashamed because Bilawal represents Pakistan. I really adore Bilawal very much, he will be our next Prime Minister and he has my full support.

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