Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Actress Rupa Dutta was arrested for pocket theft

Rupa Dutta, an Indian actress, has been detained for allegedly snatching a pocketbook. The actress Rupa allegedly snatched pocketbook after winning the World Book Fair in Kolkata, India, according to media sources, prompting the police to apprehend her.

According to the complaint, Rupa Dutta stole more than one wallet while attending the International Book Fair and kept them all in her purse afterward.

By diverting the attention of the attendees at the book fair, the actress was able to steal money from their pockets. A police officer also observed her tossing her wallet into the trash, and she was arrested and charged as a result.

After being interrogated by police following her detention, Rupa Dutta’s replies were found to be unacceptable, according to police officials. Further inquiry of the issue is being carried out at this time.

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