Saturday, January 28, 2023

PM Imran Khan said he entered politics for the youth’s future

Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has indicated that he did not feel the need to enter politics because he had achieved everything he sought, he entered politics exclusively for the sake of the youth’s future.

By the end of my five-year term, the Prime Minister has promised that no other government will have accomplished as much in the same period of time as we have in our five-year tenure. I appreciate your point of view, but I entered politics purely to protect the future of our children and grandchildren.

During his speech, Imran Khan noted that he has been preaching to his country for 25 years, telling them that if they want to be a great nation, they must do their part to spread good around the world.

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Pakistan’s 70-year history has seen the introduction of a curriculum into the political arena in order to help the country flourish.

According to Imran Khan, in an speech, “an attempt is being made to buy the conscience of the people in order to bring the state to its knees.”

Imran Khan remarked that when our rulers stood in front of the American president, they would be fearful, and the slip would be in his hand to guarantee that nothing untoward came out of his mouth.

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