Thursday, February 2, 2023

Shoaib Malik is ready to play cricket for three more years

Shoaib Malik, who spoke in an exclusive interview with CricketPakistan website, he has not yet decided whether or not to participate in the upcoming T20 World Cup in Australia, but he expressed gratitude to God for providing him with more peace of mind in the process.

It is possible that I will be required to play international cricket for two or three years if that is what is required, but I will not pursue membership in the team, said Malik.

The fact that he had an open and honest chat with Babar Azam was not mentioned. He’d remark something along the lines of “If you don’t need me right now, I’ll leave,” or something like.

Despite the fact that I no longer wish to participate, everyone aware of my physical state. I will not be a stumbling block to the team’s advancement. If they do business with me, may be confident that I will always be accessible to assist you with Pakistani matters, said Malik.

The captain said that I should play in Bangladesh as well, and in the home series against the West Indies, he said that some new players need to be checked.

Malik also said that some new players need to be checked in the one match against Australia. Babar Azam said that he would tell you. After that, I played in the World Cup.

Babar’s status as a junior or senior captain is unknown; nonetheless, by speaking simply and honestly, the atmosphere of trust will be maintained and a positive culture will be developed with regard to the senior captains, said Malik.

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