Tuesday, October 4, 2022

In Pakpattan, a husband was arrested for trying to shave his wife’s head

A guy was apprehended in the Deloriam police station area of Pakpattan after he attempted to slice his wife’s hair and nose with a scissor while in the presence of law enforcement officers, according to reports.

Sahi Bibi’s decision to dance at her brother Ahmed Saeed’s wedding the day before had upset Amir Qadir, the accused spouse, according to the circumstances of the case. Sahi Bibi’s decision to dance at Ahmed Saeed’s wedding had enraged Amir Qadir.

Amir Qadir attempted to cut his wife’s hair and nose with scissors, resulting in his wife’s nose being wounded as a consequence of his actions, and he was charged with attempted murder.

Doloriam police officers initiated an investigation and apprehended the suspects, Amir Qadir and Shabbir, in less than 10 hours after they were detained.

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