Saturday, January 28, 2023

Tareen Group & Aleem Khan out of the Punjab CM race

PML-N decides to give the seat of CM Punjab to PLM-Q. The Tareen group, along with Aleem Khan, will be the first to leave their positions as CM after the deal is reached.

The political landscape in Pakistan experienced some temporary adjustments in recent days, in the run-up to the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

As a result of the PML-decision N to hand over the Punjab Chief Ministership to the PML-Q, the Jahangir Tareen Group and Aleem Khan have withdrawn from the contest for Punjab Chief Minister.

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Recently, the Jahangir Tareen Group appeared to have a good chance of winning the Chief Ministership in the event of a change of leadership in the province’s political landscape, and the news of Aleem Khan’s joining the Tareen group had put Usman Bazdar’s position in jeopardy due to the participation of the opposition.

Alternatively, Aleem Khan was infuriated by the confrontational attitude of the prominent members of the Tareen group, which caused him to lose confidence in the group’s ability to function. Efforts to bring the two factions together finally failed.

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During a meeting with PML-N founder and long term leader Nawaz Sharif in London, Aleem Khan informed himself that CM was not a contender for the Punjab seat. In the past several months, both Ahsan Iqbal Aleem Khan and Tareen have shown an interest in joining the PML-N in the future.

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