Monday, October 3, 2022

Moonis Elahi retaliated against Sheikh Rasheed for accusing PMLQ of blackmail

The Pakistan Muslim League-Q has expressed its displeasure with Sheikh Rasheed’s remarks about the situation in the country’s interior.

The party’s top leaders feel Sheikh Rasheed is forgetting that he used to extort money from our party’s elders when he was a student, said Moonis Elahi.

Moonis Elahi, a member of the PML-M Q, expressed his disgust with Sheikh Rasheed’s behaviour in a tweet posted on the social networking site Twitter, writing, “I admire him, but he has forgotten, among other things. My previous practise of accepting money in return for information has come to an end.”

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Sheikh Rasheed had previously stated that it was not common for these individuals to blackmail for the post of Chief Minister of a province in exchange for five legislative seats in the provincial assembly, according to the Interior Minister.

It’s important to recall that the PML-Q has expressed dissatisfaction with the PTI, which might lead to the PML-Q withdrawing from the ruling coalition if the PTI fails to live up to their expectations. It is believed that a decision will be reached on this topic the next evening.

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