Tuesday, October 4, 2022

British Transgender Ryan gives birth to a boy

To the surprise of his family and friends, a 24-year-old transgender Ryan from the United Kingdom has given birth to a baby boy who has been named Hendrick.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Ryan, a transgender from Manchester, said that he fell pregnant while in the ninth stage of his transgender transition.

While undergoing treatment, Ryan acknowledged that he had been using the male sex hormone testosterone, but claimed he had stopped taking the hormone after finding that he was having a child.

Following a complete gender transition, Eunuch Ryan has been advised by medical professionals that he will be unable to bear children. Although he claims to be a guy, he states that he would like to have additional children in the future.

Eunuch Ryan said that he became unexpectedly pregnant after a testosterone transfer two years ago, giving birth to a baby boy named Hendrick as a result of the procedure.

He stated that he had given birth to Hendrick two years before to this. In his statement, he indicated that he had been a eunuch since he was seven years old, with frequent symptoms manifesting themselves over the subsequent nineteen years.

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