Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Moeed Yusuf says How can a country like India have nuclear weapons

According to Moeed Yousuf, National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, a supersonic missile launched from India arrived in Pakistan on March 9 after travelling a distance of 250 kilometres.

According to Yousuf, this was an unprecedented and potentially deadly situation. Why would a country with such a history of irresponsibility maintain nuclear weapons capability?

It is the type of country where a missile is launched and the leader is explaining it three days after the incident occurs, and New Delhi has not even managed to acquire the trust of Pakistan, says Moeed.

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Moeed Yousuf claimed that we have brought India’s weak military structure to the attention of the international community on numerous occasions.

Indian uranium purchases and sales have recently attracted the attention of the world community as a result of a rash of such transactions, says Moeed.

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India’s national security adviser described the incident as “very reckless,” saying that it was a “highly perilous occurrence” for the country to launch a missile against a nuclear-armed country.

He also expressed scepticism regarding the Indian explanation for the unintended firing of the Indian missile, noting that it was unlikely in the circumstances.

Before touching down in Pakistani territory, the Indian missile reached an altitude of 40,000 feet throughout its journey. There were flights booked on the day in question, says Moeed.

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