Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Actress Sana Javed vows to sue anyone who malign her

The actress Sana Javed has chosen to take legal action against the models and make-up artists who have spread false information about her, and she has approached the FIA Cyber Crime division for assistance.

As a result of actress Sana Javed’s inappropriate and terrible behaviour toward her fellow artists, several models, make-up artists, and actors have taken to social media in recent days to express their outrage.

In a statement, Manal Saleem did not specifically mention Sana Javed, but she did state that she would no longer collaborate with any actress since these actresses perceive us to be “two taka models.” Following in the footsteps of Manal Saleem, other make-up professionals, as well as actress Rabia Kulsoom, condemned Sana Javed’s inappropriate behaviour.

Sana Javed had stayed deafeningly silent in the face of all of the allegations levelled against her. She has, however, decided to take legal action against her Peruvian propagandists, which will be heard in court.

Last night, Sana Javed posted a lengthy statement on Instagram, in which she explained her position: “Over the last 72 hours, I have been subjected to a barrage of lies, invented reports, hate speeches, and threats.” My family and I were taken by surprise when a well-executed campaign against me was begun by a group of people with my best interests at heart.

Sana Javed informed me that I had made the decision to pursue the matter to the appropriate legal authorities. The actress stated that the case is now in the hands of the appropriate authorities. I intend to exhaust all legal remedies available to me against this group of individuals who have spread false information about me.

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