Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Police raid Parliament Lodges, arresting JUI-F MNA and Islam-ul-Ansar workers

The Islamabad police have detained Maulana Salauddin, a JUI-F MNA, as well as members of the Islam-ul-Ansar force from the Parliament Lodges.

The administration had previously denied that the JUI-F MNA had been detained.

In response to personnel from the Islamul Ansar force entering the lodges without permission, the police have initiated an investigation into their actions.

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 Moreover, Kamran Murtaza had also been detained, but he had been freed shortly after.

The opposition members of parliament, on the other hand, began arriving at the lodges as soon as the news was broadcast on television networks.

Shaikh Rasheed, Minister of the Interior, said in an interview with a television channel that the government and police had tried everything they could to persuade the JUI-F leaders and MNA in Parliament to hand over workers from the Islam-ul-Ansar force and had negotiated with them for five hours, but that they had refused to cooperate with the police.

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A delegation led by Maulana Fazlur Rehman has also arrived at the parliament building, where he has called on JUI-F workers across the country to block highways and stage rallies.

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