Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Justin Bieber dedicated a song to her wife Hailey Bieber during concert

Justin Bieber showed his affection for wife Hailey Bieber by holding her hand and kissing her on the cheek. They both have recently spotted together at Justin’s Los Angeles concert.

Justin paused in the middle of a concert to dedicate one of his songs to his beautiful wife. His fans couldn’t stop talking about a video of the same on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

When discussing his wife, Justin Bieber went on to say, “She’s somewhere in the world. When I put her on the spot, she hates me. Probably blushing a bit over there. I’m sure she doesn’t like me right now but I do. Baby, I adore you. Let’s do it for God’s sake.”

Moreover, Justin Bieber got a birthday message from Hailey Bieber. She stated that the best part about him was that she gets to live with him. The newlyweds never cease to wow their followers with their lust-worthy union.

Furthermore, the couple has previously denied rumours of Hailey’s pregnancy. They said that they do intend to have a family but they will wait until the proper moment comes for them to do so.

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