Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Shaukat Tarin is against PM Imran Khan’s public criticism of EU envoys

Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin expressed his disapproval of Prime Minister Imran Khan public outburst against European Union envoys During a rally in Vehari on Wednesday, During a press conference in Islamabad, Shaukat Tarin stated that PM Imran Khan should not have insulted the EU envoys in front of the entire country.

At the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Sunday, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan lashed out at European Union (EU) member states for urging Pakistan to vote against Russia and condemn the invasion of Ukraine.

“The European Union’s ambassadors wrote to Pakistan, requesting that we publish an anti-Russian statement. ” I asked Did any of the EU ambassadors compose that letter to India as well?”  PM Imran stated.

“Did any of you cut connections with India, stop doing business with them, or criticize [New Delhi] when India violated international law in Kashmir and revoked Kashmir’s autonomous status?” He went on to say more.

“What exactly are we? Are we your servants or your masters? Is it true that we do what you say?” the premier had asked, drawing condemnation from the Opposition party.

When asked about the prime minister’s address today, Tarin responded by saying, “I think the prime minister should not have spoken what he said in public.” 

In response to another question about the FATF’s decision to retain Pakistan on the grey list, he stated that the decision was based on political considerations by the anti-money laundering agency.

In his words, “Pakistan has complied with 26 out of the 27 requirements.”

According to the finance minister, the government is providing a subsidy on petroleum goods worth Rs104 billion in order to provide assistance to the people.

He stated that the government has decreased the petroleum levy and reduced the sales tax to zero as a result of the rising prices of petroleum products on the international market.

Those who consume 700 units of electricity every month, according to Shaukat Tarin, will be eligible for a subsidy of five rupees per unit of electricity consumed for the following four months. He stated that we will be required to provide a subsidy in the amount of 136 billion rupees in exchange for this.

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The minister stated that conversations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have taken place over the rescue package announced by the prime minister.

“The IMF should have no problems with the package because we are funding it entirely from our own resources, which includes an increase in tax receipts.” There will be no rise in our fiscal deficit as a result of this [relief package].”

Shaukat Tarin stated that the government has also provided an industrial relief package in order to promote the country’s industries. He stated that the package includes a tax break for Pakistanis living abroad as well as incentives for the revival of failing sectors.

Tax exemptions have also been granted to the information technology sector, according to the finance minister, in order to considerably increase the sector’s exports.

He pointed out that the IT sector expanded by 47 percent last year and is currently rising by 70 percent, according to his calculations. He stated that they are aiming for a 100 percent increase in this industry for the coming year.

Shaukat Tarin stated that our trade imbalance has also decreased, but that this positive development has been masked by increased political activity.

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