Wednesday, October 5, 2022

‘Aurat March’ doesn’t help women but only fuels conflicts, says Veena Malik

Actress and television anchor Veena Malik stated that the ‘Aurat March does not benefit women but only incites violence. Every year March 8 has observed as International Women’s Day around the world.

During the ‘Aurat March on March 8, women in Pakistan demonstrate their support for their rights, freedom of expression and equality. Some individuals in Pakistan have opposed to the march, while others are in support of the march.

Actress Veena Malik shared her thoughts on the ‘Aurat March’ in a viral social media post. “What I believe is that this march is portraying things that do not benefit women. It only serve to exacerbate conflict,” she remarked.

When asked about women’s challenges, Veena Malik stated that women face a variety of difficulties. It includes health issues, equal pay issues and many more. Women’s rights should protect. Alternatively, if you are not serious, you take to the streets and scream.

Furthermore, the actress stated that if you are serious about changing the system, you should go to the system and request the change of rules. This technique will truly benefit people. My argument is that loud drunkards are seldom serious about what they’re doing.

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