Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Indian actress Bhavana Menon opened up about her kidnap and sexual attack

South Indian actress Bhavana Menon revealed truth about her kidnap and sexual attack. She openly shared her thoughts and experiences during an interview.

When she was younger, she described herself as a sweet and kind girl who loved her family and friends. People may see her happy selfies on Instagram but she knows that she has returned from the hell.

The actress said that she tried to forget the experience for a long time. However, the trial began in 2020 and she has required to give testimony in court for 15 days. The opposition attorneys questioned her all kinds of questions that she proved before them.

She had the support of many friends, family members and admirers but she still felt alone. Perhaps it was her determination that kept her from fleeing, but Bhavana remarked that her dignity had broken.

One of India’s most popular actresses has said to have kidnapped in the state of Kerala in 2017. Bhavana Menon also said that she had a sexual attack following her kidnapping.

The kidnapping came to light after the primary suspect stated that actor Dilip was behind the kidnapping. He has detained following the primary suspect’s statement and released on bail three months later.

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