Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Angelina Jolie visited war-torn Yemen to demonstrate her support for displaced families

According to the United Nations, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie visited war-torn country Yemen on Sunday. She went there to demonstrate her support for displaced families and for an upcoming fundraising conference.

Angelina Jolie serves as a UN special envoy on refugee problems and she visited the southern coastal city of Yemen. She met with refugees and their families in Aden. The internationally recognised government of Yemen has also headquartered in Aden.

“Despite the ongoing violence in Ukraine, I am here in Yemen to help those who are equally in need of peace. One of the world’s biggest humanitarian disasters is unfolding right now,” Jolie said on Instagram.

According to United Nations, about 66% of Yemen’s population are dependent on humanitarian aid. It includes over 4.2 million internally displaced persons and 102,000 refugees and asylum seekers. The humanitarian office said to received just $2.27 billion of the $3.85 billion needed to fulfil Yemen’s 2021 plan. It is the lowest funding level since 2015.

Moreover, the World Food Program’s director stated that Yemen’s 13 million people are on the verge of hunger. They are facing the ongoing conflict and the consequent shortage of funds.

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